“Deep Dig Dug” Exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo

Like miners building up a tunnel system together, artists can build networks with like-minded people through communication beyond the differences of nationalities and languages. Following this idea five artists from Japan, Germany and Spain with their various cultural backgrounds will turn TWS Hongo into a grotto, an artificial cave as a metaphor for a fictitious meeting point of artists and visitors.
The title of the exhibition combines “DIGDUG” (name of an 8 bit video game released by Namco in the mid 80’s, in which one digs caves in virtual landscapes) with the English word “deep”. This refers not only to the action of “digging forward” as the theme of the exhibition, but also reminds one of the common influence of mass media and comic culture on the work of these five artists, despite their varied approaches to creating art.

The interlacing of a wall painting that displays physical effects by Motoko Dobashi, paintings made by Kaori Nakajima, digital collages by Pablo Alonso, photographs by Martin Hast, and the sound emanating from sculpture by Matthias Maenner reveal multiple images of an underground world.

Artists: Pablo Alonso, Motoko Dobashi, Martin Hast, Matthias Männer and Kaori Nakajima
Exhibition Date: 06.03 – 25.04.2010



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