"TUMBLEWEED - Tsumuji" Exhibition at GALLERY 9.5 HOTEL ANTEROOM, Kyoto, 2015


Mirei Takeuchi, Object, 2015

“TUMBLEWEED – Tsumuji” Exhibition at GALLERY9.5, Kyoto

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オープニング:2015年1月16日(金)18:00 – 21:00
DJ:ペーター・ケルステン(Dial, Smallville / ハンブルク)
クロージング:2015年2月1日(日)14:00 –

キュレーション: 仲島香
会期:2015年1月16日(金)- 2月1日(日)12:00-19:00 無休
会場:ホテル アンテルーム 京都 l GALLERY9.5 (担当:上田 / 髙橋)
〒601-8044 京都市南区東九条明田町7番 TEL: 075-681-5656

助成:公益財団法人 朝日新聞文化財団、ミュンヘン市Kulturreferat
協力:ホテル アンテルーム 京都




Tumbleweed; Tsumuji (Crossroads)

Artists: Martin Hast, Satoko Kako, Jun Konishi, Stefan Marx, Kaori Nakajima, Kärt Ojavee, Aiko Okamoto, Mirei Takeuchi, Tim Wolff
Curation: Kaori Nakajima

Opening: 16th January, 2015 18 p.m.
DJ: Peter Kersten (Dial, Smallville / Hamburg)
Closing: 1st February, 2015, 14 p.m.
Talk: Eisuke Yanagisawa (National Museum of Ethnology, Kyoto University)

Exhibition: 16th January, 2015 – 1st February, 2015, every day 12 pm. – 19 p.m.
Location: Gallery 9.5, Hotel Anteroom Kyoto / 7 Aketacho Higashi-Kujo Minami-Ku Kyoto Japan


funded by: The Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Kulturreferat München, MotionGallery
in cooperation with Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

Kyoto, imperial Japan’s former capital city, was built at the beginning of the Heian era in the 8th Century, its orderly grid structure still remaining to this day. This cultural metropolis, rich in heritage and with abundant displays of historical temples and gardens, has long captivated visitors from all over the globe.

Its long history as a center nurturing traditional hand craftsmanship is however only one side of Kyoto; the city is also a powerful economic force, plentiful in industrial, hi-tech companies specialising in information technology. These simultaneously contrasting cultures of past and present, revealed in its intersecting streets are what give Kyoto its unique sense of beauty.

Gallery 9.5 is situated next to the lobby of Hotel Anteroom, a renovated student dormitory. Hotels function as an axis around which visitors to the city, on their myriad and unconnected journeys, can take a short respite, enjoying the city’s contrasting tranquility and sense of serenity, the other axis of this dynamic equilibrium. It is from this sense of contrast that Gallery 9.5 has been conceived.

The crossroads is a place of encounters, of comings and goings, a place where people, things even, can meet, interact, and go their separate ways again. The exhibition space becomes a surrogate crossroad; a place where seemingly isolated works in varying media, materials and concepts can interact and resonate with the visitor and with one another.




Kaori Nakajima,”TUMBLEWEED – Tsumuji” Exhibition at GALLERY9.5, Kyoto, 2015



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